Why Adding White Label Taxi Mobile App is Significant for Taxi Business?

So, the only thing that meaningfully consumes your time for you is the branding for your products or services. The White Label solution will have the necessary modules and features – to run your business with ease and efficiency. From the driver’s view point, the driver needs to pick up within a stipulated time-frame. The passengers must receive a notification – before the cab arrives.

White Label Taxi App

Corporate Carpool Launch a comprehensive corporate carpooling app to bring affordable, reliable and easy to use shared mobility services for your employees. Carpooling App Launch your branded carpooling app powered service and to over safe, economical and environment friendly rides. Allow your taxi app developers passengers to book from the mobile web without needing an app. Issue ride passes that for offers multiple rides at discounted rates. Option to set up a separate profile for business travel and expense management. Authenticated access to the web-based admin panel from any modern browser.

Easy-to-use Driver App

Customers can monitor routes and track real-time driver’s location. Customers can book rides anytime, anywhere with just few clicks. Taxi Pulse’s robust technology can be used to power any on-demand fleet business. A thoughtfully designed interface to seamlessly manage all dispatch requests with automatic and manual dispatch modes. Customers can rate their trip experience and share useful feedback points to optimize your service. Customers can request a ride in a few simple taps using a highly-intuitive booking flow.

White Label Taxi App

The business model has started up different layers of benefits to end-users. It’s no surprise that about 78% of the consumers agree that everyone is satisfied with taxi-hailing services. Corporates can choose the date filter to filter all the lists through the white label taxi software.

Documents Uploading and Approval

The company can strategize the model where price can be controlled based on the current customer’s demand. A company can also make it static by implementing time-based pricing. Our platform’s core strength is an inbuilt wallet system, which makes us stand out from our competitors. I can assure once you understand, you find it mandatory to run a business.

A Smart fare management system is a system in which automated fare calculation includes all parameters such as distance, time, fare, taxes, tolls, etc. The rider can get the real-time status of the driver like, on the way, estimated arrival time, etc. The rider can cancel the trip by providing a reason and may have to pay the cancellation charges.

Delightful taxi booking experience for passengers

After registering, the users can then check the types of taxis and their monetary charges. By setting their location by GPS, users would even be able to select their pickup location. The most important factor is viewing the navigation with the Google Maps – with which you will be able to view the real-time location of a driver. Moreover, the passengers can register and login with the Taxi Booking App Development Services – just by following a few simple steps. Install, register and login are the three simple steps in taxi booking. Our full-fledged R&D team continuously focus on innovative features and niche technologies which ultimately concentrate on your business development.

White Label Taxi App

If you need to know about clear cost details, you can reach our experts who will clarify mobile app development costs on both Android and iOS platforms. We provide apps and featured panels to run your on-demand taxi business online. You contemplated that your company and drivers will benefit a lot from a taxi booking app and decided to go for one. Generally, the trip fare comprises travel time, waiting time, and distance cost.

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Getting an app for a subscription fee under Saas services doesn’t mean you have complete control over the application. The cloud facility certainly helps you to store user’s data on the cloud https://globalcloudteam.com/ database, but it ends up your control over the data. Often, the taxi business requires permission to access their own user’s data and even, the access is disabled due to server downtime.

  • Your one stop solution to Ride – Share – Commute problems by integrating car pooling feature to our application.
  • While investing in a White Label Solution, the added advantage is that the customization and branding are all done with the help of an expert mobile application development company.
  • Getting an app for a subscription fee under Saas services doesn’t mean you have complete control over the application.
  • For example, a software development company develops a white-label taxi management software and then sells it to various taxi startups.
  • With novel features like multi-language and country, you can provide excellent experience ensuring business growth.
  • If you need to know about clear cost details, you can reach our experts who will clarify mobile app development costs on both Android and iOS platforms.

It also helps you to manage and solve all your customer’s queries. Drivers can register themselves in a white label driver app by just following few simple steps. The driver app acts as a platform for the drivers to receive ride requests.

Comprehensive and complete Analysis Of Uber-like Taxi App Development Cost

They also have a great team of developers and designers who have experience in developing the White Label Taxi app. If you are looking for developing a limousine service reservation software, schedule a demo and request a quote. The online taxi booking software is exceptional in both its design and efficacy. Custom-branded mobile application that features your brand logo expands your brand presence.

White Label Taxi App

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